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“The Others” Are Coming – Upcoming Trends in Browser Market Share

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Lately we have been taking a closer look at browsers, resolutions, and operating systems when analyzing opportunities for a site. Often we are looking at browser versions to help dictate test plans, filter out bots from Web analytics, and understand what functions in JavaScript will work best on a site.

We monitor Web analytics on almost 200 corporate sites and microsites across a broad array of B2B and B2C organizations with global reach to millions of visitors every month. This broad array of sites allows us to see trends across countries and industries in Web technologies and visitor behaviors. Recently, looking at seven sites from seven different organizations that collectively average more than 5.5 million visits per month from both consumers and business users, we saw three small trends emerge among Web browser reports that might forecast big changes in the Web in 2014 and 2015. The trends are listed below:

1. Usage of the “other” browsers is growing more rapidly than the top four (Chrome/Android, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari). On the sites reviewed, the others (lead by browsers such as Opera, Silk, YaBrowser, and BlackBerry) grew year over year by approximately 23 percent and the growth rate accelerated most significantly in the last three months of 2013. There were more than 25 different browsers, with Opera accounting for nearly half of the users in this “other” Web browsers category.

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