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Mark Ryan featured in ClickZ: 11 Tips for Preparing Enhanced Site Tracking During a Website Redesign

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Often web teams realize that their current site has deteriorated with time and for certain reasons making small improvements on the site will simply not make enough of a lift to justify maintaining the site. They see a great opportunity for a large jump in conversion while achieving other more qualitative goals by scraping most of the existing site and performing a redesign. During the redesign the web team members will often dive in deep to the web analytics to learn everything they can about how prospects, customers, partners, etc. are interacting with the soon-to-be-replaced website.

In this deep dive, the web team consistently realizes one common lesson - they are not getting everything they want out of their current web analytics implementation. While web teams will always have an increasing appetite for data on how their users interact with their web site, at this point in the web redesign process there is a critical opportunity.

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