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Extractable to Keynote at CX for Financial Services (CXFS) September 28-30

CX for Financial Services Conference

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Simon Mathews, will be delivering a Keynote at the CXFS 2015 conference in Charlotte on September 28:

Bringing The Next Generation of Digital Experiences to Financial Services

From banking to retirement, financial services customers expect world class, easy-to-use digital experiences across all their screen sizes and devices - a standard that many financial institutions are finding difficult to meet. This session will look at digital experience opportunities in financial services that address both business and customer needs alike, and lay out potential paths towards the next generation of digital experiences. Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the imperative to improve customer experiences, and the risks of not.
  • What next generational digital experiences need to deliver?
  • Next generation experience concepts and examples.

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