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Extending the Reporting Capability of Google Analytics with Klipfolio Dashboards

Over the last several months I did a review of the major players in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) dashboard space, such as Leftronic, Cyfe, Klipfolio, Gecko, Bime, and Ducksboard. In a previous article I did an in-depth review of the Leftronic dashboards and its connections with Google Analytics. This month I’m reviewing another powerful dashboard provider — Klipfolio.

The coders over at Klipfolio have made a platform with very unique strengths that make it a strong dashboarding platform for Google Analytics as well as providing users with strong tools for data manipulation and integration. Because I am focused on Web analytics reporting (i.e. Google Analytics and Salesforce), I specifically stayed away from more complex and costly providers such as Tableau that focus heavily on business intelligence type functionality. I was pleasantly surprised that at the mid-to-low price range, Klipfolio provides excellent dashboard functions and powerful business intelligence features that compete with the largest players in the space.

Below are the top 10 features that I think make Klipfolio an awesome dashboard and business intelligence tool as it relates to reporting for Google Analytics.

1. Video Support: Learning the various features of the Klipfolio toolset are made a little easier by a comprehensive educational video library on YouTube. Learning any dashboarding tool is challenging and written instructions are rarely intuitive. The team at Klipfolio has done a great job of describing how to use major functions in a friendly format.

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