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Blending Data to Target Banking Consumers With Pinpoint Precision


Financial institutions track a myriad of data points. But an individual data source seldom paints a full picture. Bringing tracking platforms together can yield powerful insights that financial marketers can leverage for maximum precision when targeting consumers.

I remember the first day I learned what a "JOIN" statement was in a programming class in college. I remember thinking this is going to be really useful someday. If you are not familiar with the SQL JOIN statement, it is a programming function allowing you to combine two or more tables of data in a database to act as one, typically with a common key. For instance, if you could join a table listing the pet preferences (i.e. dog, cat, fish) of individual customers with a table showing which customers do or do not have a credit card you could use the data to drive personalization of a YouTube campaign promoting dancing pets and credit card offers. Nowadays I wouldn't describe the ability to join data sources as "useful," I describe it as critical. Below are two examples of website projects in which we used combined data sources to drive website improvements.

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